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Thursday, 26 March 2015


I've recently gone (and still going through) a part of my life where I'm scared to get a job because I have come to terms that I have a fear of failure which is all new to me, I knew before that I didn't like failing at school but I didn't think much of it, I've always stuck by if your doing your best than that's all you can do in that moment in time, but now I'm getting older I'm coming to realise that I cant always do my best, I need to work hard and improve my best ability to the finest to get a career that will support me. I've got told by friends that its "time to grow up, now your 20" but to be honest,in a way yes I need to grow up to a certain point but in a way No because no one grows up really, people just become more sensible and more aware of what they want to do in life, 

I think the main thing for all this is because I'm youngest of my family, its harder for me as now all of sudden I have to do things myself but before if I couldn't do things myself then someone else would dot it for me, I think along with the fear of failure, I have a fear of being independent but that's all down to because I'm not confident. Now I have found all this out about myself I can improve and start taking new steps to a scary but wonderful new outcome that can lead into my career for the future. I am starting to look at things in a clear view and becoming more confident, I'm starting to believe in myself as I know if I'm 100% sure about something I will do it no matter what!. 

For anyone who is going through this as well, or just feel the same about a different situation then my advice that I've got from my friends, is to start believing in yourself and look at things in a positive light and if your like me and start jumping to what I will be doing in 10 years time then what my friend told me today is to think about what you are doing right this moment and concentrate on your life now and not 10 years time, just control your mind. 

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