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Saturday, 30 August 2014

My Everyday Make-Up Routine - Products

Today I  filmed a video showing my everyday make-up routine. Here is a more detail depth information about why I use these products and why I like them, etc, all the products I will talk about are shown in my new YouTube video. ( I will leave the link to my new video at the end of the this post). 

The first product is the 'All-In-One InstaBlur, 5-action perfector- face premier'. I recently bought this product from the body shop, I use this product because it makes your make-up flawless and also the premier helps with oily skin, I like this product because I personally believe it has helped  a lot with my oily skin as its prevented the illy skin and also it has helped my make-up look more fresh and flawless.

Here is the link to 'The Body Shop' website, to buy the product:

The second product is the 'Rimmel MATCH perfection' I have tried many foundations in my time and I have to say that this Rimmel foundation is the best one that I have used so far,as I have sensitive skin this product has not irritated my skin at all  I find that this foundation blends quite nicely into your natural skin tone. I use this product because I find it gives my skin a fresh glow about it. This product is in the colour 'Ivory' , you can buy this product in super-drug or boots.

This 'collection' last long perfection concealer is a concealer if you like heavy applied cover ups. I like /use this product because this concealer is very good at covering up all blemishes and this concealer is the only concealer that lasts all day!! You can find this concealer in super drug or boots, i use the shade 01 which is the shade fair.

The powder I use is the 'Rimmel clear complexion face powder' Once again i have tried many face powder in my time and I find the rimmel face powder so much more lighter and no too over powering. With other face powders I have used in the past i found that they made my face more orange or just too caked with make-up. I find this product blends into your natural skin tone so smoothly and gives my face a lovely flawless finish to it. I bought this product in the shade' transparent', you can buy this face powder in super drug or in  boots.

The 'Bourjois' browser is a very popular browser with some celebrities. I use this product because I love the packaging but also the product is a very light product which you can handle very easily.I use the shade 5, which I think is the one of lightest but this browser gives you an natural glow to your face without the over powering shadow of brown. the product blends very nicely and makes your make-up have a natural photograph finish. Once again this product you can buying either super drug or boots.

This 'Accessories' blusher is a very old blusher so I doubt you can get it now, but I love this blusher gives you a nice hit of shimmer in your cheeks along with the light hitting pink blush. I use this product because i love the colour and I love the finish look it gives to your face, the only problem is that I find that it doesn't pick up on photos or videos much but as it is a light  pink colour it still shows very slightly. in real life, the colour is sitting perfectly on your cheeks.

This 'Maybelline' liquid eye liner is very bold and dramatic for your eyes. I like this eye liner because I really the thickness of the eye liner as it applies quickly and gives a bold look for your eyes. As the wand on the eye liner is quite thin, it is very good for any winged look you want to create.I bought this eye liner in super drug in the colour/shade black.

This 'NYC' pencil eye liner is very bold for your under eye. I like this pencil eye liner because it gives a bold look but it also very subtle which make your eye stand out with the liquid liner as well. I bought this eye liner in super drug in the colour/shade black.

This 'Rimmel' mascara is the newest one out in the shops. I like this mascara so much more than the other mascara I have used because this one separates your eye lashes which open your eyes and this mascara also volumize your eye lashes as well. which also makes your eyes pop.

I like this 'Rimmel' eyebrow gel because it helps with making your eyebrow colour set perfectly. I like this product as it is last longing and as it is a small size , it is a product which you can take on your travels etc.. I bought this eyebrow gel in super drug.

This 'Revol colorBurst' lacquer balm in the colour 'demure'. I like this balm because it is a colour that suits my everyday make-up routine but mostly it is a balm is very smooth on the lips, I also like that the smell of the lip balm has a smell of mint.. I bought this lip balm in super drug.

Finally this is 'Tanya Burr Lip gloss' in the colour 'aura', I love this lip gloss because the colour looks beautiful on your lips and really makes your make-up look complete, the texture of the lip gloss is not too sticky either.. I bought this Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in super drug.

Here's the link to my new YouTube video, which is where you can see the products in action and how the look on me. if you do enjoy the video.

please feel to leave a comment about if you liked the video and if you have any videos you want me to do. Please like the video and please subscribe if you want to see more video of me!! 

Thank you 

Saturday, 23 August 2014

My Trip To Wales!!

Just recently I have had a lovely trip to Wales with my dad to see my auntie and uncle and a few cousins. 

Here is the a video of the welsh bridge!

(Welsh bridge)

Day 1: Tuesday 19 August: I had to get up at 6:15 AM, which wasn't pleasant! I got ready, I made sure I packed everything in my suitcase, I also grabbed bits and bobs like my iPhone charger and some snacks for the road. etc... I got into my dads car around 8:00 AM, after saying bye to my sister and my mum at the front door. The car journey took three hours. It didn't seem to take long to get to the Wales bridge, it was amazing!! We had to pay a guy for going across the bridge, which I felt like I was in Gavin and Stacy  as I saw this part in one of there episodes,which was very exciting!!                               
I got to my auntie and uncle place around 12:00 PM, we had a quick hug and chats! My auntie showed me to my room which he called 'the golden room', I was very excited as I had a double bed!! I put all my bags down on the chair and bed, I then explored around upstairs so I got to know my surroundings for the two nights I was staying there. My auntie and uncle had two studies( each one was opposite my room), a bathroom (which was near the stairs) , their bed  room , next door to their bedroom was my dads room he was staying in and around the corner was my golden room! which had some lovely fake flowers outside my door!. Once me and my dad got settled in , my auntie took us round the area where my dad and her grew up, which was very interesting!   

(Gavin and Stacy moment)
(my golden room)
Around 2:00 PM, my auntie took my dad and I to my other aunties house, we entered from the garden, it was there i met my cousin and her kids (so where my 2nd cousins) which was lovely, as I have never met them before,we all chatted and eat lunch, me and my two aunties took me upstairs to show my some crafts that they do!. Before we know it was  4:00 PM. so me and dad and the auntie (who I was staying with) said our goodbyes and headed back.When we got back,  I heard so many stories from each person, that took us up to the night time, I decided  to go to bed at 10.00 as I was very tired from the journey. I then updated Karen (my sister) on how the day was and spoke to my friend on FB and another friend on SC!

Next Morning!
Wednesday 20 August: I woke up at 9:00 AM and headed down stares to say good morning to my auntie, dad and uncle also the dog! I given some lovely cups of tea throughout the night before and again in the morning by my uncle, along side my breakfast ( which I had Mosley with hazelnuts and raisins). Today was the day I was going to head to some CAVES! 
I must go to the cave sometime early in the morning probably around 10/11:00. THERE WAS SOOO MANY HILLS! heading up to these caves! when I first entered the place, I saw so many dinosaurs, which made noises of actual dinosaurs ( which made my jump, every time). 

(left: The name of the place which means ' under the caves' or 'caves under the caves', right: Me posing alongside a dinosaur)

(Some of the dinosaurs)

The first Cave I went into , I didn't like really as it was quite small and cramped! the cave was very wet and damp so I was freezing cold in that cave! When I came out of this cave, I had to head up again another hill to the CATHEDRAL CAVE!
The cathedral cave was fantastic as it was so much bigger and much brighter, also it wasn't as cold! I saw a small waterfall which was brilliant, I then saw two more waterfalls around the corner from the first one I saw, which was even more brilliant as I could walk between the two waterfalls as there was a footpath, I didn't' as wet as I imagined so that was a bonus!

( the two waterfalls in the cathedral cave I walked pasted)

( the waterfalls in action)

Once we came out of that cave we had to head down the hill to see all the farm animals but before we did, I bought two necklaces for my sister and mum in the small, cramped gift shop and my dad bought some magnets (which are very very strong!)

Here is a  video of  a small brief section between caves of the iron age!
(the iron age)

We headed down to the farm animals, we saw so many animals such as donkeys,guinea pigs, rabbits,pigs, horses, lamas, goats, ostriches, door mouse, garbles, chipmunks and ponies. along with some information about the black smith people which came with some dummies which showed you what life was like as a black smith.We had lunch out also, which i had a lemon meringue pie and some Walsh cakes, then we head back to my uncle and aunties house. Through out the night I spoke to my friend telling him bit and bobs about my trip and sending him pictures, as well as telling my sister what's been happening! alongside having even more stories told through out the night, that night I went to bed at 12:00 AM.

Leaving Day!
Thursday 21 August:
I woke up around 8:00, as i was excited that I was going home to finally seeing my sister and mum. My uncle made me a cup of tea and joked to me "Now your only up early because your excited to see your sister and mum" which I replied a smiley yes to him. I had my lovely cup of tea and my Mosley breakfast, before heading down for a walk to the shops with my dad to get the paper for my mum before heading back home. We had some lunch, with a few last stories being told by my auntie. At 1:00, we had all mine and my dads belongings in the car as we said our goodbyes, we headed off for the journey home! which took another three hours, Me and dad got back home at around 4:00 PM. which i was very pleased that I was home but I felt bit strange as my head still thought I was in Wales so it took a little while to adjust back to my routine again! Me and my dad shared all the stories we could remember to Karen and mum through out the night!, that night I went to bed early as I was very tired from the car journey home.

(journey home)

I did enjoy my self whilst I was in Wales, I am very happy I went as I had a the best two days but I was very pleased when I was home, as I got to see and be back home with my beautiful mum and my amazing sister that I don't think I can leave without ha-ha.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

My Main Beauty Product I Love At The Moment!!

( All-In-One 5 action perfecter-Instablur)

This beauty product I have recently been loving at the moment is the face perfecter 'Instablur' which you can buy in 'The Body Shop'!, I have used this product for a few days now and I honestly think that this product helps me mostly with oily skin.

The Instablur product is a unique formula which contains mattifyinng powders that fill, along with vitamin E to moisturise. Together they work to be:

  • 12 hour shine controlling
  • Pore smoothing
  • Blemish hiding
  • Complexion unifying
  • Makeup Extending
I think that for the extending the wear of my makeup is definitely playing a role in allowing little or no shine to break through which keeps my make up looking fresher for longer!
When its time to take off my makeup i do feel my skin is alot smoother and feels fresher! Overall, this product gets a big thumbs up because my makeup has stayed really fresh looking and pores remains minimised!.

If you want to look into buying it, here is the link fo the boy shop website:

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Australian Friend Back In Contact = Happy Shula :D

Hey, Just lately I have been soo happy because I have just got back in touch with my amazing friend who lives in Australia. Just recently he has contacted me and when I read the message I couldn't believe that he remembered me from junior school. I have never forgotten him, I have always wanted to get back in contact since we lost touch in late  2006-2007 stage. I was very sad that I lost touch with him. For years I tried to find him on different types of social media sites.

Now in 2014, we have got back in touch and it has only been like one and half days but its been an amazing one and half days because we have talked about so much but mostly how weird it is that we are talking in different time zones and we cant believe that we both never forgot each other. We have so many memories together, it surprising how much we remember as we were only  friends for a year (I think). 

I have never been this  happy in like forever!! We have so much to catch up on after the past 8 years! It is sad that we are in different time zones but we will make it work to keep talking to each other! I hope we can become more closer friend through out the years to come! and I hope we don't lose contact again! *Fingers-crossed* 

:D :D :D :D :D

Saturday, 2 August 2014

My first proper video!!!!

Hey guys, I have put up a new video on my YouTube channel please go check it out and please while your there please subscribe to see more of my future videos and please give the video a thumbs up and comment to tell me what you think I should make a video about next!!

I will be uploading a new one every Saturday!! so keep tuned in!!

Thank you x