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Thursday, 9 November 2017

The scary month, The warm,cosy month and The magical month.

November is the month that the dark nights begin here in the UK, the hats, scarves and gloves make an appearance. the hot drinks become more of a must, especially with all the new autumnal flavors. It's also the month that looks the most pretty apart from December because November is when all the fairy lights start being put out, you have the warm glow of the fairy lights as well as a festive smelling candle burning in the room, making the room smell amazing. 
Its also when we can all get excited for the new cosy pyjamas, slippers and dressing gowns. 

I personally love October-December months, as it gets colder and you can wear all your big lounge cosy jumpers can in handy, as well as long boots. I love these three months as a lot happens, there's an event coming in all these three months, first there's Halloween where people can have parties and dress up or just cosy up with the lights off, fairy lights beaming and watching as many films as possible. Then there is guy fawks night, where we play with sparklers and watch many many fireworks, or spend time with family burning a bonfire. Last but not least there December where of course is many peoples favourite month as it's the month of CHRISTMAS!, December is the magical month as well as a stressful month. December brings you the enjoyment of magic, lights and decorations in many bright festive colours.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Smooth that frizz!

I’ve always been a girl who obsesses over anything facial or hair related items, so when I went to my local supermarkets I went a bit crazy and bought a few things that I liked the look of and decided to buy.  I have never tried the Andrew Barton 'SMOOTH THAT FRIZZ' hair products before, not only do they smell amazing but they make your hair super soft. I also bought the 'nspa' scrub and body lotion to try, I've tried the 'nspa' face masks before but their body lotion and scrub sounded amazing, looked amazing and smelt fresh and new. 


The first product I tried was the 'nspa sacred scrub' which was a smooth jelly texture, the grains in the mixture were invisible until you started to applying it to your skin. This scrub really did feel like it got down in your skin as you massaged it in. When I washed the scrub off, it left my skin so soft and feeling fresh. 

After I finished with the scrub, I applied the 'nspa sacred spa body lotion' not only did this formula smell fresh and new, the application was lovely, once you massaged it in, my skin was super soft and felt amazing. When you first apply the body lotion it applies a little bit like soap but once you continue massaging the lotion in, it seems to melt in your skin making you feeling amazing.

I used the 'SMOOTH THAT FRIZZ' shampoo, the
shampoo itself was a clear grey colour but once interacted with the water, the scent was a fresh scent. The shampoo washed away very well, I did rinse my hair three times as that was what the bottle told me to do.

After shampoo, I conditioned my hair with the 'SMOOTH THAT FRIZZ' conditioner, The conditioner was white and quite creamy once mixed in to the hair but didn't feel heavy on the hair at all, it was a very light formula. I let the conditioner sit on my hair once it was evenly spread over my hair for a minute. This also washed off the hair nicely and left my hair feeling super smooth and soft.

Once I finished I used the 'SMOOTH THAT FRIZZ' Gloss Serum (which is the small clear bottle you see on the very first photo of this blog post) This serum was what made me buy the shampoo and conditioner, I saw that this bottle was telling me that if I used this serum after the shampoo and conditioner, the frizz and curls I have hated for ages will be calmed and relaxed, so I tried it out, I applied a small blob of the serum on the tip of my fingers and mixed my hands together to get the serum on both hands, I applied at the ends of my hair first then worked myself up to my roots. I didn't want too much product on my roots as I didn't want any greasy look especially just after washing my hair. I found that this serum seemed to melt into my hair as it made my hair super soft and it didn't look like I had any serum in, the formula of the serum was very light as well.  

After using all the 'SMOOTH THAT FRIZZ' products, it honestly made my hair feel amazing and super easy to style the next day, I personally think that these products are brilliant they did wonders for my hair, I definitely saw a difference in my hair as soon as I applied the serum, even in a few hours after my hair looked fresh, clean and bouncer as well as frizz free. 
I would highly recommend all the products I have spoken about, they are fantastic.  

Friday, 23 June 2017

My Experience.

I never share this story as Its quite personal and also I never talk much about it. Today I want to share my story of going through a liver transplant, I want to share my experience to help people or just put the message out there for people that may be going through this today and need some hope and encouragement to get through their experience. 
So here goes.....

Hello, my name is Shula Jenkins and I am 22 years old. I was born with a liver disease called Biliary Atresia. Everything my family and I had to go through; the many hospital appointments and smaller operations I needed since birth I fortunately can not remember due to being so young, but I was lucky enough to be able to have a liver transplant when I was 6 years old. I was put on a waiting list for a transplant when I was five years old after I coughed up blood but it was soon sorted and fixed.
On the 10th april 2001 at 4 o'clock in the morning my mum received a phone call from Kings College in London to say they had a donar that was a match for me, so an ambulance would arrive to pick me up and take me to the hospital in London where I would have my transplant. From this moment on, everything happened very quickly and all seems a bit of a blur to me, I remember getting into the hospital with my parents and being greeted by hospital staff and told to sit on a bed. The next thing I knew, I had the transplant and was waking up and trying to adjust to the equipment around me and the tubes and wires that were attatched to me, helping to monitor, feed and medicaite me.
The next day, after my huge operation, I was moved into a ward. This meant it was easier for my family to visit and spend time with me. From this day on, I would receive physiotherapy to help me move from the bed to the chair, then once I was strong enough, the staff would help me to walk to the play area so I could play games,etc.
I still had to be monitored, having tubes attached to my stomach, hand and neck, helping me take necessary medication and to remove any waste. These tubes were removed in the first week, which helped me move easier and become a bit more mobile. I did have a few set back with being in pain  but with the hospital staffs helped me, I was soon feeling better. After making such good progress I was able to leave the hospital and go home after 3 weeks. After 3 weeks I was soon playing in the children's park enjoying myself.
I was sent home with all my medication I needed and my parents/family was shown how I needed to take them. I had to be away from school for 6 months, which I didn't mind at all, but when I returned I was slightly behind, so had a lot of catching up to do. 
I had to still take all my medication and attend regular hospital appointments and blood tests, but over the years each of these decreased and now I only need to take two anti-rejection tablets morning and evening and only attend one hospital appointment a year to make sure everything is okay. 
I went to study art and design at college and now I am in full time work, working with young children.
I wanted to share my story, so that anybody who is waiting for a transplant or families who have a child with a liver complaint like I had, I hope it will show that everything can be all right and although waiting for a transplant or having a disease, like this, can be a very troubling time, you can get through it and go on to live a happy and healthy life!
Thank you for reading about my experience :)


Sunday, 26 March 2017

22 on the 22nd of march 2017

Recently I turned 22 on the 22nd of March 2017. I was actually quite excited to turn 22, the main reason was because I was turning the age of the date I was born which only happens once. 

I had a great day, the sun was out, I was spending time with my family and I had a amazing homemade cake done by my sister ready for me to eat at home. I went out to the titanic museum in Southampton which was brilliant, I saw many artefacts and read loads of information about the titanic that I never actually knew before, like girls at school got taught how to do house work so they were ready to be housewives when they were older, that really shocked me, it just shows how much time has changed over the years.
I also watched a few films in the museum from people who were on the ship when it started to sink and It was fascinating to hear all the stories about how terrible that night was for millions of people.

Once we were all done, we got back home, I opened all my lovely presents which I loved each and every one. We then all got ready for a lovely meal out which ended the night perfectly. 

I can't believe I'm 22, I still don't look a day over 16 years old. I'm looking forward to see what the 22nd year of my life brings. I'm excited to explore different places, different food or just meet new people.

Here are a few photos of my 22nd birthday!