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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy New Year! 2016!

Happy New Year! It's officially 2016, it's gone so quick, it feels like yesterday that I was thinking of what 2015 may bring and now its happened and we are on a new year that could bring lots of possibilities towards your way. 
Thinking back on 2015, for me, it was a good year at the start it was the usual sales, sales and more sales. I had my 20th birthday in march which was a good day. In June my day to day life changed for the better as before the summer  I applied for my first job, On the 1st of June, I started my new job which completely changed my life, as my confidence grew and I have a new path in my life to follow for a career, I have worked there for 7 months now which has gone so fast.
From June onwards has been busy from work but now everything has come to a stop for Christmas.
My new years resolution for 2015 was to get a job which I can give it a big old tick next to, My new years resolution for 2016 is to stop worrying about small silly things and to stop caring what others think of me, I have to say that these two may be hard for me to complete but I'm going to prove myself wrong and change my minds perspective. I can't wait to see what 2016 will bring me and I'm looking forward to bring in new experiences that may enter my life. 

I wish all of you guys reading this a very happy and healthy new year! 

What are your new years resolution? What is one thing that you will always remember from 2015?
let me know in the comments below.