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Saturday, 30 August 2014

My Everyday Make-Up Routine - Products

Today I  filmed a video showing my everyday make-up routine. Here is a more detail depth information about why I use these products and why I like them, etc, all the products I will talk about are shown in my new YouTube video. ( I will leave the link to my new video at the end of the this post). 

The first product is the 'All-In-One InstaBlur, 5-action perfector- face premier'. I recently bought this product from the body shop, I use this product because it makes your make-up flawless and also the premier helps with oily skin, I like this product because I personally believe it has helped  a lot with my oily skin as its prevented the illy skin and also it has helped my make-up look more fresh and flawless.

Here is the link to 'The Body Shop' website, to buy the product:

The second product is the 'Rimmel MATCH perfection' I have tried many foundations in my time and I have to say that this Rimmel foundation is the best one that I have used so far,as I have sensitive skin this product has not irritated my skin at all  I find that this foundation blends quite nicely into your natural skin tone. I use this product because I find it gives my skin a fresh glow about it. This product is in the colour 'Ivory' , you can buy this product in super-drug or boots.

This 'collection' last long perfection concealer is a concealer if you like heavy applied cover ups. I like /use this product because this concealer is very good at covering up all blemishes and this concealer is the only concealer that lasts all day!! You can find this concealer in super drug or boots, i use the shade 01 which is the shade fair.

The powder I use is the 'Rimmel clear complexion face powder' Once again i have tried many face powder in my time and I find the rimmel face powder so much more lighter and no too over powering. With other face powders I have used in the past i found that they made my face more orange or just too caked with make-up. I find this product blends into your natural skin tone so smoothly and gives my face a lovely flawless finish to it. I bought this product in the shade' transparent', you can buy this face powder in super drug or in  boots.

The 'Bourjois' browser is a very popular browser with some celebrities. I use this product because I love the packaging but also the product is a very light product which you can handle very easily.I use the shade 5, which I think is the one of lightest but this browser gives you an natural glow to your face without the over powering shadow of brown. the product blends very nicely and makes your make-up have a natural photograph finish. Once again this product you can buying either super drug or boots.

This 'Accessories' blusher is a very old blusher so I doubt you can get it now, but I love this blusher gives you a nice hit of shimmer in your cheeks along with the light hitting pink blush. I use this product because i love the colour and I love the finish look it gives to your face, the only problem is that I find that it doesn't pick up on photos or videos much but as it is a light  pink colour it still shows very slightly. in real life, the colour is sitting perfectly on your cheeks.

This 'Maybelline' liquid eye liner is very bold and dramatic for your eyes. I like this eye liner because I really the thickness of the eye liner as it applies quickly and gives a bold look for your eyes. As the wand on the eye liner is quite thin, it is very good for any winged look you want to create.I bought this eye liner in super drug in the colour/shade black.

This 'NYC' pencil eye liner is very bold for your under eye. I like this pencil eye liner because it gives a bold look but it also very subtle which make your eye stand out with the liquid liner as well. I bought this eye liner in super drug in the colour/shade black.

This 'Rimmel' mascara is the newest one out in the shops. I like this mascara so much more than the other mascara I have used because this one separates your eye lashes which open your eyes and this mascara also volumize your eye lashes as well. which also makes your eyes pop.

I like this 'Rimmel' eyebrow gel because it helps with making your eyebrow colour set perfectly. I like this product as it is last longing and as it is a small size , it is a product which you can take on your travels etc.. I bought this eyebrow gel in super drug.

This 'Revol colorBurst' lacquer balm in the colour 'demure'. I like this balm because it is a colour that suits my everyday make-up routine but mostly it is a balm is very smooth on the lips, I also like that the smell of the lip balm has a smell of mint.. I bought this lip balm in super drug.

Finally this is 'Tanya Burr Lip gloss' in the colour 'aura', I love this lip gloss because the colour looks beautiful on your lips and really makes your make-up look complete, the texture of the lip gloss is not too sticky either.. I bought this Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in super drug.

Here's the link to my new YouTube video, which is where you can see the products in action and how the look on me. if you do enjoy the video.

please feel to leave a comment about if you liked the video and if you have any videos you want me to do. Please like the video and please subscribe if you want to see more video of me!! 

Thank you 

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