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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Trip To Lydnhurst!

Today myself, my sister and my mum took a trip down to lydnhurst, I took some photos of my time there. I hope you enjoy.

I started the morning off with a nice cup of tea (that I forgot to take a picture of) along with my lovely cooked pancake,alongside having a lovely chit-chat with my Australian friend, with my favourite book on the side to read.(I didn't read this morning he-he)

 Once we got dressed, we headed off.

This is my outfit for today! I wore my kitten crop top with my black jeans which matched my black shoes, along with my matching bag and cardigan.( all items and clothing are from primark)

This is me under some trees, after my sister parked up in the forest.
 (path way that leads to the main street of lydnhurst)
 (view from entrance of the car park in the forest)
 (view from a up hill path which leads to more car parking space)
 (view of the massive cross statue)

Once we walked to the main street of lydnhurst, we headed to Costa to enjoy some delicious lunch!
 (costa and the street of lydnhurst)
 (street of lydnhurst)
 (our Costa table number while we wait for our food)
 (mum's vanilla latte)
 (karens (sister) lunch-salad and juice water)
(My ham and cheese Toasty)

After we munched on our lunch, we headed up to the craft store ( I didn't take any pictures of-sorry) we hang out and talked to the boss (who my sister works for), mum and Karen bought some craft stuff like ribbons and craft books to look through. After we caught up with the manager we left the shop, and headed back to the forest to go back home. once we got back to the forest, we bumped into a horse that was standing by the gate just chilling!

 (how we saw the horse from behind the gate)
(close up of the horse)

We went back in the car and went up to my sisters friends grave who passed away 10 years ago today! I didn't take pictures because I was mainly getting attacked by fly s but of course it is a personal thing for my sister. 

R.I.P Ben 
( I know I didn't know you or met you but rest in peace)

After leaving the grave, we all headed home. That was my day, hope you enjoyed seeing what my day was like. 


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