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Sunday, 1 March 2015

My School Experience.


I am 19 years old and when I think back to my school times,I mainly think back to primary school and my secondary school because those two schools are when I meet new people and got to  have new experiences. I can't remember much of Infants as I was quiet ill so that experience was mostly a blur. I do remember that I used to go to a lesson for the recorder but when it was time to perform in front of my year in assembly, the lady that taught me told me (and only me) to PRETEND to play as I personal thought she wanted her daughter in lime light, who was also involved in the recorder group. So I ended up pretending to play this recorder in front of my whole was so embarrassing!! Luckily no one knew.

Primary School
When I first started Primary school, I was so nervous as I had to move up into a bigger school than I was use to, but soon enough the school was pretty simple, you couldn't get lost as you just went around in circle. In Year 3, I was too shy to make new friends so I mostly minded my own business. In Year 4/5, I made some new friends,which I had most of my lessons with, which was very good, I remember me and my friend use to ask to go to the toilet together, and stay in the toilets for a while to just gossip. Ha-ha. My other friend use to go to guitar lessons, and she use to play new songs and tunes she use to learn to me. In Year 5/6, I meet a boy who came over from Australia with his family, His dad did a house swap with a teacher at my primary school, and I ended up being very good friends with him. I remember playing a game called cops and robbers, (which is a game where half of your friend group are robbers and you have to try and not get caught by your other friend group who were coppers, the aim of the game was just not to get caught.) Me and my friend and my new Australian friend use to play this all the time with our other friends, I always ended up getting caught.

Secondary School
Now I was 12, I sadly had to leave Primary school and move up to a bigger school, which once you got use to it, this school just went round in a square so you couldn't get lost really. In Year 7 I made some new friends, but I mostly stayed with my friends from primary school. In this year, I got friends with a boy named Jordan, which him and me and my friend from my English class and her "boyfriend" use to all walkl up to the pond,(it was outside of school bounds and a good chilling place for friends but I was super scared I would get caught.) we use to always hang out there, but no matter where I was standing at this pond area, I always managed to fall, which I remember once I got stuck in a massive pile of mud so Jordan and my friends "boyfriend" had to help me out which ended up all three of us being late for class and looking a right muddy was embarrassing as it didn't look good for me as I was with two boys and all of us were muddy Ha-ha. 

From the years 7-9 me and Jordan had a on-off "relationship" which slowly ended but our friendship stayed strong as we were very similar in the way we think. Sadly in year 9 I got bullied, but it soon stopped as I stuck up for myself and stood to what I believed in and never stood for anything she said. (and plus she lived across the road to me so it soon stopped). In year 10, I slowly faded away from the people from primary school, I now had my own little group which contained myself, Nicole, a girl called Shannon and poppy and Emma. We hanged out together in and out of school. I had a mixture of friends but those 4 girls stayed with me along my last few years left of school. Year 11 was a confusing and tease time as GCSE's began, I had to do hours and hours of exams but for me personally I had a smooth time as I didn't stress too much. 
The best moment was when I got an A* for my portrait of my sister in my art class and the girl that always competed with me only a C, (she didn't like me no matter how friendly I was to her) so I half made sure she knew my was a classic moment!! Ha-ha.

I hoped you enjoyed learning and reading some funny moments in my school moments. 
Feel free to leave some funny moments that have happened to you at school or just life. 
Feel free to let me know if you would like to read more about my school/college life. 



  1. Oh school days... I hated them to be honest. xDD
    I loved your best moment. When you got the A* :)) Reminds me of similar moments that happened to me. And I also always made sure they knew my grades. Haha :)

    1. Aw that's a shame, and I know right! I'm sure you felt the same as me, it was a great feeling! Haha :)

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