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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Sisterhood Of The World Blogger Award!

Sisterhood Of The World Blogger Award

The rules:
1) Thank & link the blogger who nominated you
2) Answer the 10 question you were asked
3) Nominate another 10 bloggers
4) Create 10 questions for your nominates to answer.

Thank & Link
I've been nominated for sisterhood of the world blogger award by
Thank you and please check her out.

The 10 questions Amanda asked me
1. What is your favourite muffin/doughnut/cookie? *you may pick one, or all to answer*
My favourite muffin is a chocolate chip muffin especially when its warm.
My favourite doughnut is the strawberry ringed doughnut with sprinklers on top of it.
My favourite cookie is the milk chocolate chip cookie.

2. What three ingredients would you put on your pizza?
I like cheese and tomato pizza, so I think my three ingredients would be two different kinds of cheese and tomato. Haha.

3.If you could have a exotic pet (and it was ethically acceptable) What animal would you want?
 My exotic pet would be either a monkey or a koala because I love both and both are so fluffy and cute which would great have a cuddle with.

4. What is your favourite perfume/cologne, and what does it smell of?
My favourite perfume is the Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy and Fantasy perfume because I love the packaging and the presentation of the bottles, These perfume smells like Floral.

5.What is your favourite season and why?
My favourite season is winter because I love cosying up by a burning fire with a hot cup of tea after coming out the bitter cold winds. I also love winter as it nearer Christmas.

6.If you could change your name, would you? What would you change it to or why would you keep it the same?
I wouldn't change my name as I personally love my name as it is so unusual. As there is a story to my name I love telling people the story as the story is unique as well. 

7. What did you do for your last birthday?
Me and my sister went to the Harry Potter studios in London.

8.Do you have any tattoos? If no, would you like one?
I don't have any tattoos, and I'm not sure if I want one either, If I did chose to have a tattoo I  would chose a tattoo that reassembles me and my sister as we are very very close.

9. What is your favourite quote?

10. What is one funny memory from your childhood that you don't' mind sharing?
When I was younger, I use to be eating my dinner at the table and That day my dad was on the hone to his sister in Wales but I always thought my dad was speaking I said to my mum "I didn't know dad could speak French?" She just laughed and said" He's speaking welsh, not  French! 

My Nominates:
I noimate....

My question for my nominates:
1. What's your Nickname?
2.Do you have any pets or if not then what animal would you like as a pet?
3.What is the top three things you would grab if there was a fire#?
4.What is your favourite present you have ever gotten for Christmas/birthday?
5. What's your phobias?
6. Where in the world would you love to live?
7. What is your favourite drink?
8. What is one thing that you love about yourself?
9. What has been your greatest achievement so far?
10. Why did you chose to make a blog?

And final for those who aren't nominated or or those who have just come across this blog post, why don't you answer these questions below, I would love find out your answers!



  1. I answered these questions as well on my blog. I really loved your childhood story. So funny! Haha :)) And now I'm really curious about that story behind your name. :))

    1. Haha aw brilliant! And thanks It is a classic story to tell Haha :)) And ah really!! well I will probably mention it in one of my blogs one day, Your parents might know as well Haha :)