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Sunday, 3 May 2015

My School Experience - Part 2

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I've done a school experience before and I've got 22 views on that blog post so I thought I would do a part 2 which is mostly going to be my embarrassing moments of trying to impress one boy and just moments in general. Enjoy...

Primary School
Now all these moments happened when I was about 9-10, so the main moment that stands out is when my crush at the time use to LOVE football, so I tried to know a bit about football just in case the moment came for when we spoke, so in my primary school there was a place called the glades which was basically a maze sort of place which lead towards the field and playground, so I was standing by the field playing around there with my friends and all of a sudden, I  heard my crush call out saying "Hey, could you pass the ball?" I looked down and it was right by my foot, so I thought 'Come on Shula, this is the time to impress him with an impressive kick' so I nodded and stepped background and started to jog up towards the ball, I threw my leg back and in the brief 5 minutes of my life I wanted to be swallowed by the ground as me and my friends and my crush and his mates watched my shoe fly through the air and landed on the field, I just heard my friends in fits of laughter, I quickly picked up the ball (as the ball did not move an inch) handed it to my crush, rushed to get my shoe and got out of there and hide from him and his mates.

After that incident, the time came back around for my crush to once again talk to me, I remember we were in class and we were building something ( I can't remember what now) but an amazing moment came when he asked to borrow some scissors from me, after that we continued to talk, I couldn't believe my luck, thoughts were rushing around in my head thinking 'OMG, is this actually happening' my heart was beating so fast Ha-ha. Break time came, I thought that's it, he going to hang out with his mates..but no..he asked me to hang out with him for break, so of course I said "yes, of course i will"
So there I was hanging out in the school playground with my crush, but then we happened to be playing on the bars (which was three sets of metal bars that went from low to high) so my crush was swinging on the highest set of bars  and he said "wait...I'll jump off and laid on the grass" so I warned him to be careful because he was quite high off the ground, he swung once...he swung twice...I could see him losing his grip and on his third swing, he let go and...BANG....straight on the ground with a massive thud!! My heart went in my mouth, I just stood there for a few minutes not knowing what to do, so i thought 'come on Shula, be a hero for him' so i ran to a teacher and ran straight back to him, I knelt down and rubbed his back telling him its okay, the teacher is coming and he will be alright. 
I had to go back inside, once he left with the teacher, my heart went out to him because I could see him hiding his face with one hand as he was crying and holding his ribs in the other hand, I prayed that he would speak to me again and that moment hasn't scared him, he came in the class, sat down and got on with his work, I thought that was it, no more talking, he doesn't want to know, so I built the courage and asked him if he was alright, and he said " oh hey, yes I'm fine thank you, just a bit of bruising, thank you for calling the teacher for me" I blushed and said " that's alright! I only did what I thought was best"......from that moment onwards we never spoke or hung out again.... 

My main moment that I will share and that's when I was in year 6 so I was 11-12 years old, we had to write a letter sort of thing which basically explained what he thought we were all good at, we were sat in the hall amongst the whole year of year 6 and parents, one by one people went up on the stage, stood their whilst the English teacher read out each one of the letters, each person had stand there whilst it was being read out to everyone then shake hands with the head teacher and walk towards the end of the stage for a photo and then back to your seat. When my name was called, I stood up, headed towards the stage, walked up the steps, handed my letter to the English teacher, and from that moment I honest regretted handed that paper to her, as my letter was about that I was good at art and that I was good at drawing people body shape by using the technique of drawing the body shape as sausages. As the teacher was reading this..I misspelled sausages as I missed out an 's' so instead of the teacher knowing this and saying sausages, she said "savages". I really wanted the ground to swallow me up. I turned to the audience, and saw all my year laughing and all the parents laughing. I hated every moment on that stage, I had to shake hands with the head teacher, have a photo done and go back to my seat. I can tell you now, that I was more than glad when the whole assembly was over and we all left. Until this day, I feel embarrassed that  the English teacher said that in front of everyone. 

Anyway I hoped you enjoyed reading all about my time in primary school.if you want to know more about my school experience from primary up to college or just leave suggestions of what you guys want to read about next just let me know in the comments.


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