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Saturday, 15 August 2015


I'm also sorry I haven't been active on my blog for ages, its just my work has made my life a little busy. I have got two updates to share with you guys, 1. I've gotten a new haircut and 2. I've gotten a job, 3. Pretty Little Liars 4. Pinterest. ...lets get started on filling you guys in on the two new updates. 

New Haircut:   

(My own photo)
Yes, I've gotten a new haircut, its shoulder length and I have had layers put into my hair, its not a mega change but its so much better to handle than my super long hair before. I'm deciding whether I should get highlights in it but as summer is nearly over pretty much, I'll probably wait until next summer.

                                                            New Job :

 I think the last update I did was when I was in a dilemma of what I wanted to do in my life, But I can officially say that I am happy and settled with a job. I am enjoying each moment I'm there. Now I have been there 3 months and I can honestly say this job has changed my life, because of this job I have a future ahead of me, I have become more confident. without this job I wouldn't of earned the experience I have and the knowledge I can take away from the job. 

Pretty Little Liars:

 I have recently have really got into Pretty Little Liars (well I've pretty much have gotten obsessed with PLL), I am on season 4 at the moment and oh my god!! there's been so much twists and turns, I can't handle all the new information that you have to piece together along with the 4 little liars. If no one has watched PLL or read the book, Basically its about solving a mystery of a girl called Alison and her missing/murder case, It all involves her 4 best friends (Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer) as they do their own investigation of their own to find out what really happened to their best friend on the night she went missing, whilst getting mystery texts from someone called 'A'.  In america and now the UK have found out who 'A' is, I do know too but I'm still very interested in how the story is going to reveal their story and the reason why 'A' was texting the girls and Alison all the time. 


I have gotten obsessed by pinterest just lately, its basically like weheartit or instagram but instead of hearting images, you pin it and create a folder on your on pinterest board of your favourite actress/actor or favourite movie or quotes you like etc. I have recently gotten back into pinning images and oh my god!!! I'm loving it, I have a few folders at the moment and I will probably adding more soon enough. 

 That's all the updates at the moment in my life, New haircut, New job and getting obsessed with PLL and pinterest. 
I am pretty active on pinterest at the moment, you guys can always check my pinterest board out, here's the link: 
feel free to comment on any of the things I mentioned above or tell me an update in your life that your either happy about or just want to share, I would love to hear them.


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