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Friday, 11 July 2014

Leaving college!

Last Tuesday i left college, i have had the best three year so f my life at college, i have met some amazing people that have become my friends that i will never forge! i would not change a thing about my college experience.
First year:
I remember in the first year, i was so scared about meeting new people and hoping they would like me, i forced myself to be confident. In the first few days i made my first friend called Yasmin, by meeting her i met a few of her friends and she met a quite a few of my and Yasmin had such a laugh about how lanky the teacher was we saw Together we both came quite close friends.In my art class i made friends with Destiny,Steve, Lauren,Harley.At that point i did not know that because of these people i would have the best year of my life. By being friends with those people i  became friends with a few other people such as Liam, Dan.etc.

Second year:
In this year, i have memories of making more friends with Kieran Scott, becoming more friend with Yasmin s friend Kieran Ryder, also making friends with Jack and of course my English buddy Ben and also my funny friend Michael. Which by making friends with these 5  lads , it made my second year, even more better.It was in this year that sadly Harley left, which was sad and very strange without him, but also it was the year i became more close friends with Steve and destiny,as i became more close friends with destiny and Steve i soon realized that these two people will be in my life for a long time (i hope).It was also in this year that i could finally say i had a best friend because of destiny, who is my best friend and more like a sister.

Third year:
So finally year, By this time most of my friend group (Kieran Scoot,Kieran Macey,Aiden,Yasmin,Jack and also my English buddy Ben) had left college which the first 2 months of not having them there i missed terrible.  Throughout this year, me,Steve and Destiny stuck together through out class and for lunch/break time. I am very thankfully for Steve and Destiny being in my life because if they were not at college going on the journey with me, i would not of handled the third year as well as i did as most of my friend group were gone.

Thank you Yasmin,Kieran Macey,Aiden,Ed,Micheal,Luaren,Liam,Kieran Scott,Jack,Ben and Kieran Ryder you all have made my three years very special.

(Steve,Me,Destiny-on Tuesday-my last day of college)

Thank you Steve and Destiny for being there with me throughout the three years! i really hope we all stay in contact either on snap chat,Facebook,twitter.

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