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Saturday, 12 July 2014


Just recently i have been loving watching different kind of videos from a certain 'youtubers', i am list a few that i have been loving and you guys could check them out if you don't know them or leave a comment for me to see which ones you have been loving..Here we go!!!

The first youtuber i having been loving at the moment is a girl called Gabby (Gabriella), Gabby is a beauty/haul/vlogger youtuber which she shows you what products she has been loving through the months and shows make-up tutorials step-by-step for you to try out yourself,also vlogs as a day in a life and some hauls that include house d├ęcor or general clothing.. I am loving her at the moment as she is amazing ,funny and weird ( weird in a good way thou). You all should check her out because she is not only amazing but she is friends with zoella (zoe sugg) which many people may know of, so that's another reason to check her out especially for some vlogs that Gabby does :D 

Gabby's channel:
zoe's channel:

The next youtuber i have been watching is a boy called Jack Howard. Jack is such a funny guy,which i personal adore. I find Jack a natural comedian, on his channel he talks about anything from spider-man to his adventures to vidcon, new york, summer in the city. Jack not only does amazing stuff on his channel, he has a collab channel with his friend Dean, Him and Dean make little funny sketches about anything like 'floorboards' (sounds weird but check it out! it is soo funny) to their music video 'consent'.

Jack Howard channel:
Jack and Dean (OMFGitsjackanddan) channel:

Now this next one you may know as her brother is in a MASSIVE boyband......called....MCFLY..that's right..its Carrie Fletcher (TomFletcher sister). I am loving Carrie ATM because not only is she tom flecthcers sister but her channel speaks out to teenagers in ways that all teenagers can  associate with.arrie does songs that she has wrote or covers of different songs but mostly she talks about what is going on in her life or things that she just wnats to talk about and express her opinion.She also has a amzing firend who writes his own songs and is super funny as he talks about about his life or he expresses his opinion on song lyrics.His name is Alex Days.

Carries channel:
Alex Days channel:

My last two is the one and only Dan Howell and Phil lester. Not only are these two best friends, they both have amazing channel. Dan does mostly embrassing stoires or awarkward situations he has been in either recently or in the past. which are all funny to hear. Phil does a bit of everything which eihter includes a lick race (with oreos) to the whats in my suitcase? videos, all phils videos are equally funny as Dan's , some of video so involve Dan as in challenges or the famous 'philisonfire' video that they answer weird or intresting question that people either tweet or FB them whlist having pen whiskers on their face. ( its amazing as you get to see their friendship blossom). 

Dan's channel:
Phil's channel:

Please check them all out, as they are amazing 

 please check out a few that i have also like over the many momths.
 Here are some you can check out that i didn't mention: (Jim's sisters)

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