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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Spectrum Noir

Hey I have recently bought some new colouring pencils, which are called Spectrum Noir- there are five packs as each pack have different colouring in, I have Bought the essentials pack which have the essential colours that include 4 skins colours, 1 yellow, 2 oranges, 3 pink/purple colours, 3 green colours, 3 blue colours, 1 peach colour, 2 brown colours, 3 grey colours and 1 black.

I am very pleased how the Spectrum Noir was packaged as it was presented in a flat tin, which you can pack away neatly. When you open the tin, you get a little booklet showing different techniques on how you can blend the pencils with different products.

On the back of the booklet you see all the packs and all the essential colours you get in each pack.

Here is what my pack of pencils:
(Spectrum Noir package)

(the selection of colours)

I find the quality of the pencils very strong and firm to colour with. The pencils are perfect to blend together as each pencil blends very smoothly and you get a perfect blend in any colour you use.
I have used the Spectrum Noir to create this picture that I have put on my other blog

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