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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Shopping spree!!
Here is the first top/vest I got today. This top is a white vest with a high round neck. I got this top because it is very casual and you can pair this vest with anything.
I got this top/vest in Primark -£4.00 - size 16
Here is the second top/t-shirt I got today. This is a white t-shirt with short sleeves also with a fitted low neck. I got this t-shirt because it is very casual and will look great with a pair of blue jeans.
I got this t-shirt in New Look - £7.99 - size 16
Make-up spree!!

Here is a Bouejois bronzer. I really like this bronzer because it seems really good  and fresh for the spring/summer. Also I like how it applies really well as its not too heavy and also it seems to blend nicely onto the cheeks. I brought this bronzer because I really like the size of this product also I really like how it is a product that resembles chocolate and also it kind of smells of chocolate. 
I also  saw this bronzer on Tanya burr's march favourites on YouTube and she said it was really good and she liked it as well.
I got this Bouejois Bronzer powder from Superdrug - £7.99
Here is the second product which is the cover up stick concealer. I got this in 'light translucent' number' 01', which is the lightest they go. I really like this as it is a lipstick concealer which applies smoothly and blends in smooth and fresh on to the skin.
I got this Cover Up Stick Collection Concealer from Superdrug - £1.99 
Here the last and final product I got today which is the falsies volume express mascara. I got this in the colour black. I have tried this product before and I really like how it applies on your lashes really nice as it doesn't look too heavy on the eyes.
I got this Falsies Volume Express Mascara from Superdrug - £7.99


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