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Tuesday, 8 April 2014


I was surprised on the Friday 21st march 2014, when I got a letter which read that I was going to the harry potters studio tour on my birthday (Saturday 22nd march 2014). I was super shocked a my sister organised it all, and pus I was shocked at the time I had to get up which was at 4:00 AM.
I was so excited! when that day came me and my sister travelled on the coach for 2 hrs to London Victoria, then we had to wait 20/25 minutes or so for the harry potter warner brothers tour bus to pick us up. when me and my sister got on the bus we travelled for an hour and half to  the studio.
When we got to the studio building, it was huge!! and I mean huge!! when you walked into the building entrance, to the right there the gift shop, which was already packed!, to the left there was a coffee shop, straight ahead was the toilets and beside the toilets was the MASSIVE queue for the tour .
Me and Karen (sister) got a harry potter badge as it was their '2nd anniversary'.
When we started the tour, the whole place was massive, we had two cinema tours which basically went through the basics of the movies. we then got a tour guide to talk us through the grand hall, then we could explore the rest by ourselves. which was amazing!!
Me and Karen saw the green screen for the broomstick ride,  we saw the actual the room for the boys bedroom in Hogwarts that they filmed in. which lead to the Wesley household.etc.
The next part of the tour we saw  the outside which had the 'night bus', 'Ron's blue car', 'Harrys house', also 'the chess pieces' there was two coffee stalls which sold 'BUTTER BEER'.(in my opinion it was disgusting!!)
Later on in the tour, you saw the masks of the dwarfs or whatever they are. which was amazing!!!!
The rest of the tour was amazing and worth the travel to get there for as you have a  MASSIVE SURPRISE! near the end of the tour.
For you guys who are still reading! you need to go as it will be the best thing you will ever  see in your life .

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