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Monday, 10 November 2014

My Life Dilemma (kind of)

As I'm 19 years old, I'm trying to find my path of what I want to do for my future ahead. Which is hard for me as I am not the most confident girl in the world, I'm a very shy person which for me is very hard to talk to strangers and be independent. As I get older I realize I can't rile on other people all my life! I know I have my whole life ahead for me to decide what I want to do and settle into a job/project, but I have set myself a goal to build my confidence and face my fear for a till (as I'm brilliant at money like making change), but my goal is to write up my CV and hand in my CV to as many shops as possible and then see what happens, but that thought excites me and scares me but I know I need to do it. I need face my fear and go on this journey and adventure of my life on my own, and find what I am comfortable with. I find it easier myself to type out my opinions or type to someone rather than talking to a person as I get very uncomfortable with new people (stranger not friends) and get very aware of what I'm saying or acting can make someone like me, as with typing I find I can find better words or phrases to make someone like me or something which is very weird and stupid as you would think talking to someone  (strangers) would be easier.
The one thing I am pretty confident with is art but I don't know how I can get into that at the moment. Right now I prefer art as a hobby but I would like to make my own art and have some art things like a book or art work of my own in shops around the world.
I do have a separate blog to put my art stuff on, Here is the link:

What made me write this to let me finally decide to type out my thoughts was watching Louise video (sprinkleofglitter on YouTube) In one part of her ('the big chat') video she said that when she writes her blog it's like therapy for her which I can see why and agree with her in a way. So I thought I would just let out what I have spoken about to my family and few of my friends. I do agree with Louise as I know it hasn't been long since i have created this blog  really but writing this blog post especially makes me feel better now that I let the last bit of it all out. I did this in one of my previous blogs called 'leaving college' which I again found it such of relief to let out what I thought.

Thanks you if you did read all this! Feel free to comment about if you have suffered with this dilemma or if you have any advice for me and other that may read this.

Here is a link to Louise's video 'the big chat':


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