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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Christmas is coming!!!

It is the 5th of November as I write this,which is the night of bonfire night, with the celebration of fireworks!! I'm sat here enjoying a nice warm fire in a lovely a toasty house thinking about how close Christmas is to coming! which I am very excited for!! I'm not sure what I want for Christmas yet but I do know that i cant wait for the nights where I'm watching TV with a nice boiling hot cup of tea beside me, as I'm cosy on the sofa in my pj's with the beaming Christmas lights shinning in the corner of my eye, the smell of burning candles and just seeing the Christmas decorations up around the house and knowing that I can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere all month. 
I can't wait to start Christmas shopping, as I love buying presents for my family and friends and seeing the faces when they open my little surprise of a present! especially when the destroy my beautiful wrapping, which is also exciting to see! 

What I love about Christmas!

1. The snow ( before peoples footprints are stamped in the freshly laid snow)
2. The wrapping up in scarf's and coats
3.The steaming hot drinks
4. candles
5. Christmas light twinkling in the streets
6. wearing warm cosy pjs
7. wearing woolly jumpers
8. watching the grinch at Christmas time
9. spending time with your family 
10. coming home from a cold winters day out, with the heat fogging up your glasses and stinging your face and hands.


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