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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Halloween 2016 - Scary Spiders

Its October which means one thing....HALLOWEEN........
I personally enjoy making bits and pieces for Halloween ,I really enjoy buying all new Halloween decorations for the house, reasons because you can buy pumpkins which can be for autumn and Halloween and because it gets colder in October which means fires are on and hot chocolate is made.
This year I have made some scary spiders which are super funny and adorable to make, this craft is brilliant for children. 
I hope you enjoy seeing how I made mine. leave a comment below if you've made any and let me know how it turned out.
Scary Spiders

Step ByStep
You will need:
Black Paper
Double sided tape or Glue
A pencil
Glitter or paint or tissue paper or sequins .etc. 

Step one: You need to draw out your spider template, Make sure you 
have four legs on each side and that they are thick.

Step two: Once you are happy with your spider template you have
drawn out, Grab your scissors and cut out the template, if
your doing this with your children, make sure a grown up is 
helping with the cutting.

Step Three: When you have finished cutting out your spider template, 
Grab your pencil and draw a triangle on one side of the body, make 
sure one of the sides of the triangle is in line with the leg. (see picture 
above to follow)

Step Four: Grab your scissors and cut the triangle out. 
Once cut out you should have something like what the picture above shows.

Step Five: At this stage, you
can bend the legs (see picture below ) by folding the legs flat to the body first then take the top half of the leg and fold it back down to the end of the body to create spiders legs. 
Now take your double sided tape or glue and lay your double sided tape or glue on the right hand side of the spiders body and stick together.

Step Six: At this point, your spider should look like this.
If you used Glue to stick the two sides of the body together, 
make sure the glue is dry before continuing.
Step Seven: Now you have the body stuck and you got a spider shape, 
you can now chose if you want to hang the spider up or not, if not you can skip the next few steps.
You can go straight on to the decroateing.
If you want to hang your scary spider, you need to grab your scissors again, you need to cut a little hole at the top of the spiders body
ready to put some string through to hang in your house.

Step Eight: Get your string and thread it through the hole at the top of the spiders body, turn the body over and tie a tight knot that is bigger than your hole in the card. Test that the spider wont fall off the string.

Step Nine: Once you've tied the knot, turn the spider back over and 
tie a loop at the top of the string, so its all ready to hang somewhere in your house.

   Step Ten: ITS THE FINAL STEP... you can now decorate your spider in 
glitter or paint or sequins. Go crazy!
I f you want to make a smiley face on your spider, get a white pen or pencil and create a scary or smiley face. 

Hope you enjoyed!! 



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