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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Happy 1st November

IT'S NOVEMBER!!!! WHAT?!!! Where did October go!!
For me this is when Christmas starts to bloom, Christmas drinks start appearing in to coffee shops, Christmas take-away cups start popping up, the air gets colder and crisper, fireworks starts to go off more frequently, shopping centres get lights up and slowly puts out the Christmas gifts/cards. 
 Everything starts to get more Christmassy.

The first event is the 5th of November, which is Bonfire Night, which leads to fireworks banging around left, right and centre. Bonfire Night is very exciting and great to go and see if you don't mind standing in the cold, I personally love watching fireworks, I sometimes watch them out of my bedroom as it has a good view to the firework display at the nearest school to me. I love seeing the colours and patterns. 

November for me is going to be busy but an exciting month, its going to be busy because of work and exciting as I can start slowly get organised for Christmas, planning what colour scheme me and my sister may have on our tree this year, planning gifts for friends and family and how I'm going to wrap the presents. 
October has just gone, that means Halloween is done for another year, October for me was a very Hallow-weeny month as it was nothing but crafts and it was more exciting as I needed to dress up, so the excitement of picking an outfit and planning how to do the hair and make-up made me look forward to the Halloween Party (at work). I enjoyed October this month, I loved seeing the leaves in the tress change colours to a yellow and red colour. 

 ^^^ Here are a few photos of me dressed up as the Evil queen,
A wreath my mum made for Halloween,
A Halloween game I made for work.

Share what you enjoy about October and November in the comments below! 
I would love to read what you guys like to do or drink or craft in October, November and even December.


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