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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Get to know me!

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I have had this blog for quiet a while now and I have realised I have shared my thoughts and some parts of my life decisions but I haven't shared much facts about myself! So I thought today I would share 10 facts about me! So without further or do..Here is 10 facts about me!

1. I have no middle name

2. I am 19 years old

3. I don't have a lucky number

4. I have one sister (Here is her blog to check out:

5. I want to travel to Paris, America, Australia

6. I have a weird obsession with cartoon moustaches

7. I love the colour pink

8. I am right handed

9. I love drawing

10. I have a slight fear/phobia of wasps and flies.

I hope you enjoyed this post, please leave 3 facts about yourself in the comments section below.


1 comment:

  1. Middle name of Alexander Roy
    Lucky number of 43
    Favourite colour of red